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@popcorn- I respectfully disagree. They are not trying. Each person that was directly responsible for the training and safety of my son, getting 60/60 PERFECT review scores proves that to me. Wylam is the only director in the city required to give a monthly update because the commission does not trust him either. And the updates that he delivers is benign. My son was killed due to zero training. Zero safety. Zero supervision AT the fire station, working on fire department equipment that he had never even seen. And this failed fire chief thinks the important monthly updates are bungee cords, fire extinguisher tags and new stainless steel kitchen cabinets. That’s what’s important to address my sons senseless death ?

I agree with Richard. Both Howe and Wylam should be fired. Days after we buried my son in the ground, I went to the station. Not knowing who Howe was at that time, even HE told me “I’ll probably lose my job for this” There was another firefighter present (I will not name) that witnessed this. Days after we buried my son, Howe was only worried about his job.

No sir. They are only trying to save themselves. They didn’t and still don’t give a second thought for my son. One of their OWN firefighters. 2 weak men of NO HONOR !!

This new RFP will bring trust. Leadership. Proper management. Safety, and a broken department back together. Wylam and Howe are broken chiefs. They can not be saved at this point.

From: Duran's emotional and powerful remarks call Apopka Fire Department's "perfect" performance reviews into question

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