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It seems a whole lot of restaurants have been closing for good. A sign of the times we live in, and how everything is changing, and different from the way things used to be, that we so loved. The last time we were heading to the Carolinas, I told my husband to let's get off the interstate, and drive the old small town route we used to drive through the low country of S.C., through the tiny towns of Norway, Sweden, and Denmark, the way we used to go, when driving to the top of S.C. They had bar- b-q places everywhere along that route and some of the best bar-b-q anywhere. So we left Ga.and from there all the way to Columbia, S.C. it was like ghost towns. I was actually afraid we couldn't find a gas station! No bar-b-q places, no anything, no activity happening in the towns, deadsville, USA. This shocked me. When I saw even the Mexican restaurants shut down and boarded up, I knew just how bad things had gotten. Wasn't any need for a chamber of commerce to operate there, as they wouldn't of had any members.

From: Porkie's Original BBQ says goodbye to Apopka

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