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Richard, We are specifically discussing the CRA funds collected from the CRA, within that distinct boundary, not all of Ms. Moore's Orange County district. You say you appreciate her being a good stewart of your tax money. Since we are discussing the CRA funds, and you had previously said you live in the Pines of Wekiva, well Richard, the Pines of Wekiva, is not in the CRA district. So unless you have another property in the CRA in Apopka, you don't pay into those CRA taxes. Yeah, you pay city, and county taxes, but not into the CRA funds. You are calling the CRA board members circus clowns? LOL....Richard, the CRA board is done other than the Apopka City Council, and some other people appointed to sit on it. I suggest you select one of your favorite circus clowns, and contact him, or her, by email, and ask what they completed with the last CRA money....LOL

From: Commissioner Moore: "A successful CRA plan could result in a rebirth of downtown Apopka"

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