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Just another reason I won't vote for Christine next go round at election time. She won't answer questions I ask, and she is my district Orange County Commissioner! Also, she is on a power trip IMO Oh, but Apopka Critic posts the above article here of Apopka Voice, on his website, and she starts commenting back and forth with the Apopka Critic. That is so funny. Also, Apopka Critic tells Christine, on his website, for Christine to be sure watch her CRA funds, etc....well, Apopka Critic, those CRA funds ARE NOT CHRISTINE'S FUNDS! They are the funds that belong to the property owners and residents, that paid them in, in

property taxes, within the CRA special district of The City of Apopka! Quit this political leverage game you are playing, and stop threatening to deny Apopka's CRA extension, and don't even think about keeping our Apopka citizens rightful money. It is NOT YOUR FUNDS, like Apopka Critic states, Christine!

From: Commissioner Moore: "A successful CRA plan could result in a rebirth of downtown Apopka"

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