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Nicely written article Christine. If only a magic wand could make it happen. I do have some questions for you. As usual, I doubt you will answer though. Why are you getting people to volunteer to do these walls that need repainting, around these private subdivisions? These private subdivisions charge their residents HOA fees, that are meant for maintenance and upkeep. Shouldn't the HOA's board be using their funds for that? Shouldn't you be maybe helping on something else to beautify, rather than the doing the HOA's duties? Also, Christine, it seems to me, you are hinting, what seems like a veiled threat that you might deny the extension for Apopka's CRA funding, unless more progress is made, during your city council presentation. Since you will vote on the issue? You say you would not want to deny the extension of the CRA for Apopka, but I am suspicious of your motives Christine. If you did that, you would only hurt Apopka and it's residents. It seems like politics is in play here...Do you want to respond?

From: Commissioner Moore: "A successful CRA plan could result in a rebirth of downtown Apopka"

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