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Christine, Please tell me why you are having people (volunteers) trim trees along the roadways? The tree trimming is usually done by contracted licensed tree services that are also insured, and bonded, and, ordered up by Duke Energy, the counties, cities, and state. Companies such as Davie Tree Service,

Asplundh, and some others, even out of state companies. Why on earth are you getting the fire department guys (union) from the City of Apopka, to volunteer to do this tree trimming along the roadways? All I ever hear is the fire department is short staffed, or needs to spend more time on training? Will you answer, for once, to explain why you are doing this? I don't see other Orange Co. commissioners doing such, nor our city commissioners either, and I wouldn't expect them to either! I saw this on Apopka Critic website, what you were doing.

From: Commissioner Moore: "A successful CRA plan could result in a rebirth of downtown Apopka"

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