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Thank you Mr. New for all you do for the city. There is a constant 2 that brings no value to these types of discussions. It becomes pointless to have an open and honest conversation with them. Questions that never get answered yet the ranting is endless. I know first hand from my short experience being involved with this city how difficult it is to get anything done properly. Even a death of a firefighter at the hands of the department doesn’t change much. My son was killed NOT by a tragic accident. Rather he was killed by a tragic absence of management and leadership. Still, to this day with division chief John Howe’s perfect performance review, the city refuses an accountability, all on the backs of taxpayers. You all pay their wages. All of the AFD administration is well beyond six figure incomes. Enjoy your tax hike. It’s coming.

There is not one person that can deny Austin was killed at the fault of the AFD’s lack of training. Because it’s a fact. Keep up the hard work sir.

From: Former city attorney writes letter about his time in Apopka

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