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T. Reid aka MamaMia (yes, it’s you…I read the whole exchange that you had with Dennis New when you told him you went to school together when in fact, it was his brother.

Anyway, you and PopCorn need to get a grip. Your comments regarding a “letter” that was written after the Byrd guy just happened to see a city meeting show up on his newsfeed are laughable. Why should Councilman Becker read it? Obviously it’s to stir the pot which you two do every time you comment on here. Everyone else has facts, you have gibberish hiding behind your fake names. Neither of you seem to even care about the current state of affairs in the city and the death of Mr. Duran’s firefighter son at the command of an “no confidence” Fire Chief. I’m out, these fake name threads are of no value to anyone and I have found that most people just scroll on by which I am starting to do going forward.

From: Former city attorney writes letter about his time in Apopka

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