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Listening to that council meeting, it was like an example of "the blind leading the blind". We witnessed just how ineffective and misguided our city commission is without an attorney present to direct them on legalities. However, Becker didn't want to discuss the old subject of why the other attorneys resigned. Of course not!

Velazquez actually complained, we need an attorney here to guide us, but she had followed Becker, as well as Nesta, in voting to get rid of the city attorney, we had, Rodriguez, which led to constant arguing, and Rodriguez resigning . She tried a covering tactic for why the other attorney, Byrd, left, but it didn't work. Those of us, who keep up with the council meetings, know why he left. Now, we have Nesta, who says safety should not be a concern, on this turn lane issue! That council meeting really exposed the commissioners, that they are not nearly as smart as they think they are. Even if an attorney is hired, I have doubts they will listen to the attorney, on legal advice. The commissioners have totally hit rock bottom IMO

From: After 92-minute debate, City Council denies developer's request to waive left turn lane

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