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Do tell Christine exactly what you are posting here about strengthening the COA's CRA? From what I have read on AC's website your idea of "strengthening" our Apopka CRA, is to get rid of Jim Hitt, as you posted he couldn't handle the job on the CRA. Are you coming to the city council to get with your cronies, to try to get Hitt out, or to try to get some of your anti- Nelson cronies in, under the disguise as neighborhood champions? Everything you do Christine is politically motivated, and self serving to expand your base, to keep yourself in power, even these neighborhood volunteer cleanups, just like your art and jazz fests. DeSantis needs to ban the books you are reading, because apparently the things you quote, are brainwashing you. Yes, ban the books DeSantis, we can't allow people to be brainwashed, like Christine. Christine, don't you worry, Apopka, is not going to be tossed around without an anchor. It was here long before you, and will be here long after you.

From: The building blocks of a successful community

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