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Christine, politics aside, and mean that very sincerely, please be very careful cleaning up along the trails, and along the roads, and neighborhood entrances. The reason I say this, is my neighborhood boys had this enormous big snake out in their front yard, and it got loose from them, and they were trying to catch it, and it is ended up in our street, and was lunging at them! They said they had to try to it catch again.

...they were surrounding it, and several boys were trying to catch it. I yelled what kind of snake is it, and he said it was a red rat snake. Man, it was huge, very long! It scared the crap out of me, to be honest. He told my husband he caught it near the Apopka dog park, trail, and Sun Belt nursing home, and he was going to try to take it back, and release it Please be careful Christine, with your grandchild, and volunteers, honestly, I don't want no one to get snake bitten.

From: A stellar Sunday morning on West Beggs Road

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