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I'm gonna post my questions again. But Mr. Duran stated that his son felt like he was dealing with a hostile administration and feared retaliation. My suspicion of the union has grown exponentially. What is the unions purpose if not to prevent this exact thing? AFD nee4d to get off the Mayor and Chief and start looking in a mirror.

Once again...

1. What is the make/model/manufacturer of the trailer? Can we get a picture of it?

2. Does the trailer have any warning or caution signage, or safety devices?

3. What is the specific sequence of events that led to this tragedy? The trailer didn’t tip itself. What happened step by step?

4. The sand trailer was universally deemed unsafe to use or maintain. Where are the vehicle maintenance records on this?

5. Who was the supervisor charged with the condition of this vehicle?

6. Was the Chief provided this information by the people charged with using and maintaining this vehicle?

7. Why was this vehicle not removed from service? Who decided to keep it in service?

8. What are the union’s standards with regards to operating unsafe equipment?

9. What are the union’s standards with regards to operating equipment you lack training to operate?

10. At what point can a union member say "That's not safe to do and I'm not doing it," and why didn't that happen? Who is responsible for that CRITICAL training? When to say no…

From: Readers question and respond to the controversies embroiling the Apopka Fire Department

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