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I watch that TV ad, the one that states Ms. Moore wants more. Okay, Ms. Moore, here's more. LOL. You stated long ago you did not support annexation of South Apopka. Your explanation at that time was because Orange County has more resources to address South Apopka residents.. Now, you state unless the AFD is fully trained, and when until the Duran family can receive peace knowing their son did not die in vain, you don't support annexing the folks in South Apopka into the city. You are playing politics Christine. The phrase "fully trained" is very vague, as well as when, if ever, Austin Duran's family receives peace. That is very vague also Christine, you are politicizing this 3- 2 issue at the city, and you know you are!!!

From: Nelson and Apopka City Council wade into "unchartered" territory

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