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Trying to post on here, but sometimes when trying to reread my posting before posting, it jumps and posts before I am ready. Anybody ever have that issue? Correction above: political office......Also Commissioner Moore was former Mayor, Joe Kilsheimer's paid for-hire campaign manager....hmmm, I wonder if Ms. Moore could have possibly asked for legal advice to her questions from Joe K's buddy, the former city attorney, who served a very very short short time at the city, (TC) while Joe was mayor and hired him? LOL. Yeah, AFD has been answering all these calls for help for the county, per the joint agreement between city and county, but Commissioner Moore never shared her concerns about AFD service before this 3-2 vote dispute! And it is a lot of calls per year spent serving Orange County!

From: Nelson and Apopka City Council wade into "unchartered" territory

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