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I would feel more comfortable asking a Quija board a legal question about the power balance of the COA council, than to listen to this biased malarkey from these sooooo concerned people, offering us their legal advice, one here in the article above is Orange County Commissioner Christine Moore. Ms. Moore is choosing to take sides in this City of Apopka issue, because she is tight and buddy buddy with Commissioner Becker and Commissioner Velazquez, of the Apopka City Council. She was their for-hire campaign managers when they sought pliical office. Now, this 3-2 vote of the Apopka City Council, has become sooooo concerning to her she is PRAYING for the mayor to get a second legal opinion on his power? OMG...give me a break! So Ms. Moore (Christine) takes it upon herself to seek and receive legal advice on this issue, and not on a county issue either, because of her concern.....from a reputable attorney. Okay, then why don't you tell us who this reputable attorney is then? I find it very odd that Ms. Moore never had any issues with the AFD concerning their service, but now she doesn't support annexing South Apopka

From: Nelson and Apopka City Council wade into "unchartered" territory

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