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Yes, it might be safer to drink the Coca Cola. Guess it depends on where the water is from, in making the Coca Cola. I drank a lot of Coca Cola in my lifetime, still do, but it is Diet Coca Cola, now, for me. I like Coke Zero especially I've got weak bones, now on C Scans, oh, I wonder why? I also swallowed Chinese Checkers, as a child, and regularly chewed on lead pencils in the school classrooms, as a form of therapy for anxiety, and shyness. I also got lead jewelry out of the bubble gum vending machines, as a child, and wore it proudly around on hot sweaty days, and now I am drinking our water, that has been injected with wastewater, full of viruses, and God only know what. Think I will be okay? LOL

From: Surprise! Florida leads the nation in lead pipes carrying water supply

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