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Interesting article.....our governor, outfoxed by a mouse.....tee hee, love that one! I see in the article, you state that Manatee County has started injecting treated waste underground from the old Piney Point phosphate plant.....you are meaning treated wastewater, not treated waste, right?, because we are already doing that around our area, injecting treated wastewater down deep underground into the aquifer, where we pump our drinking water from. I think it is a terrible unsafe decision IMO. I don't know who around here made that decision, or who is the governing entity, but I believe it is wrong. I don't know if it is the SJWM, the county, or whoever? I think it is being injected somewhere near Winter Garden, FL. around here. They try to keep it quiet, for sure, and don't want the people to know, because treated wastewater, or reclaimed water, you don't drink it, and it has viruses that cannot be removed by treating it, but authorities will look you in the eye, and lie to you, even about that little fact, and here they go, and inject it in our aquifer!

From: Surprise! Florida leads the nation in lead pipes carrying water supply

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