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If you want and demand respect, you must show respect. Commissioner Becker, you have been very rude to the city attorney at a previous council meeting, when you constantly interrupted him, and told him to "know your place" and also told the city attorney that " you serve at our pleasure.". That was uncalled for. Did you all hear the frequent speaker, at the last council meeting, Mr. Hall, the Navy veteran, speaking about his wife, when she asked him why he sounded so angry, when he spoke before the council? She advised him he sounded angry, and he listened to her, and announced he was going to work on his anger, and attempt to do better, even in the face of injustice he sees in the world.... OMG, he needs an award, and to be commended, someone is listening and attempting to be a better person! Did you all really listen to him? I hear him loud and clear.

From: Why a lack of leadership might be worse than the Apopka Tornado of 1918

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