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Commissioner Becker, I have told you before that your behavior at the city council meetings was getting outrageous, and you answered me that you are unapologetic of your council behavior. I did hear you apologize to the city attorney, at another time, however. I am reading your grievance here in this article by Reggie. Are you actually wanting to fire the city attorney for telling you to grow up, and act more like an elected official? Is that bothering you that badly? Obviously, you don't need to grow up, but maybe when two different people tell you, you need to act more like an elected official, maybe you should let that advice sink in, rather than act out of anger and impulse. If that is the cause you list to fire the city attorney, that is not cause, not a worthy cause. What if all the working people of the world had an issue, or grievance, with someone they had to work with, and they could make a motion to remove the co-worker, no one would be working! The situation is repairable, but you are choosing to make it beyond repair. I see this situation as personal, not just an HR- related thing, as you state. All I am going to state is politics is a dirty game, and you either develop a tougher skin, and put up with it, or you get out of the game. There is no other choice.

From: Why a lack of leadership might be worse than the Apopka Tornado of 1918

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