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It is rather strange linking the 1918 tornado to Apopka current news, but hey, that's your thoughts, Reggie, and Apopka Voice is your publication. I have read about that tornado that came through here in 1918, and tore the town apart. I always compared it to happening the year before my mother was born, which was 1919. I read that Mr. W.T. Champneys, who lived in the big white house uptown, where Walgreens is now, across from Apopka City Hall, was lying on his couch, on the porch, I believe the story indicated, resting, and he had dozed off, when the tornado hit, and when he woke, he was still lying on the couch, but was now out in his yard! He slept through it, and survived that F2 tornado! This was of particular of interest to me, because Mr. Champneys was my husband's employer years and years later. I think that W. T. Champneys that survived the tornado, was the father of the other W.T.Champney, that my husband worked for. The house that was on that site, was later moved, and now sits near Ustler Road and W. Welch Road. It's the big white house with the porch. I have been in that house several times when the Champneys owned it, and always loved that home. That home survived the tornado, and was a wood framed home! I read that the Champneys home originally was built somewhere near Clarcona, and was moved uptown. Then later, was moved again to it's current site near W.Welch and Ustler Road. Moved twice, but the bad tornado didn't move it!

From: Why a lack of leadership might be worse than the Apopka Tornado of 1918

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