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JRGioielli, You are correct, as I am sure there are plenty of skeltons from any county in any state, in the past forty years, like you stated. Florida may end up a one party state, but when a Florida state senator files a bill, SB1248, the Ultimate Cancel Act, how can you fight back on that, to save your party? I have heard it is nothing more than a political stunt to ban all Democrats here in Florida. I'm not sure it is just a stunt. I think they would pass it. I am not certain that is even legal, but what do I know? Never did I think the governor could step in there, and remove the Disney Board Members and replace them with the governor's appointees, and take over part of Disney's operations. Never did I for one minute think that Disney wouldn't fight back, but they didn't....???

From: How a destroyed eagle nest led Florida legislators to attack local pollution rules

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