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I listened to the public comment from the man who fusses about the crowding at the schools, at the city council meetings. He doesn't like portables. He mentioned them at the March 15 council meeting. I wonder if he has seen the four new portables that AHS have moved in just this week. I think it was either Wednesday, or on Thursday. I had seen a bunch of concrete pieces out there on the grounds. Just glancing at them driving by, I thought they were parking lot car stoppers for the parking spots. No, they were to anchor down the new portables, that are now in front of the school. They placed them out there on the grounds where the ROTC students march around. I hope Mr. Olsen doesn't go postal, when he sees those portables. Hope I got his name spelled correctly.

From: City Council backs a consultant for the Apopka Fire Department, but is that enough?

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