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I'm sorry I missed the meeting. However based on the article and comments it sounds like everyone is still hooked on politicizing this. Can anyone tell me if any of my previous questions got answered? Cut and paste below for reference. Also is this report public so I can read it somewhere?

"For example, based on what I've read the sand truck was universally deemed unsafe to use or maintain. Where are the vehicle maintenance records on this? Who was the supervisor charged with the condition of this vehicle? Was the Chief provided this information by the people charged with using and maintaining this vehicle? Why was this vehicle not removed from service? What are the unions standards with regards to operating unsafe equipment? Or equipment you lack training to operate? At what point can a union member say "That's not safe to do and I'm not doing it," and why didn't that happen? Who is responsible for that CRITICAL training? When to say no? Again, I'm not trying to blame you or anyone else. But we need to understand a problem to fix a problem right? These are hard questions, but they need answers."

From: City Council backs a consultant for the Apopka Fire Department, but is that enough?

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