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Well Mamamia, I did go to Apopka High School, but Apopka Memorial was closed my 9th grade year. So must be another new. As for remembering you, I did not attend school with anyone named Mamamia, as for others know who you are that is up to them. You say I have hate in my heart and nothing could be further from the truth, I have a 3rd generation love for this city, was at one time an employee of this city in the fire department. Your perception of hate is my anger towards Bryan Nelson who I was in school with a couple years behind but have known him and his family since grade school. Politics has changed him, his reckless abandon and poor leadership have led this city down the wrong path. His only concern is keeping money at a low interest rate in his political buddies bank. Ask why so many city owned properties are not up to code, ask why these problems went unchecked at the fire department from the time of his election until now? Ask why he has never followed through with the transparency promised about the missing EMS funds, Ask why he lied about taking half salary then boosted it 2'xs. Ask why he snuck in a 8k raise last budget buried in the total budget, Ask why he allowed the City Manager to give Wylam a PERFECT performance rating with the department in the shape it is and the death of a firefighter? To Many questions without proper answers, his solution to everything is the word Nothing, he will do nothing. Ask why the city payroll funding has gone down over 300K this year? did the hard working employees not deserve any raise, have spots where people left not been filled? Ask why Camp Wewa is not open to the public? Ask why the camp is not ADA compliant? So it's not hate, it's anger as I watch the City I love being destroyed by his poor leadership. His claims that the last mayor had depleted the reserves was also a lie as proven by audit, I did not agree with lots of things the last mayor did as well, but at least he did not tear this city apart and allow the fire department to fall into such poor condition. As for the man you keep calling Chief, that is a abuse of the title. As I said a Chief is a leader, this clown is not now nor can he be saved by Nelson's hiring him a communications coach, No amount of money can reverse what's been done, only change and that should have already occurred. The simple facts that training safety and poor supervision led to young Mr. Durans death would have made every Chief I ever worked for accept responsibility and resign.

From: City Council backs a consultant for the Apopka Fire Department, but is that enough?

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