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Well unlike MamaMia who hides behind a fake name, I am the one who told that story and it fits. the point being some mistakes are never forgotten. The lack of safety, the lack of training the lack of supervision directly led to this young mans death. Yes you can call it an accident, but it was preventable. Firefighters go to work every day and realize that something may happen and cost them life or limb, but it should have never been a unsafe trailer placed back into service with no training. Those actions are what caused this death, directly attributed to the failures of the man in charge, Mr. Wylam. Hired by the mayor under questionable circumstances when they created a false story about embezzlement of EMS funds to get ride of the last chief. Would this accident of happened under him, well most likely not, because he had removed the trailer from service. These meetings are out of control because the Mayor is grossly incompetent. It has been the Mayors mismanagement or lack of leadership that has led to this whole continued nightmare.

From: City Council backs a consultant for the Apopka Fire Department, but is that enough?

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