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The city council meetings are being turned into a circus big show. They are out of control! A public comment by one, told of his grandfather's lecture about a boy pooping in his pants at church, and that even though he washed his butt, and washed his pants, the churchgoers weren't forgetting the incident ever. OMG, grandpa may have told you this little story, or life lecture, but I am certain grandpa did not intend for you to share that info with the public at a city council meeting! I did not want to hear that! People are pushing the limits in their comments. I have listened as people have accused the mayor of killing Austin. I have heard the fire chief, accused of killing Austin, and even the city attorney, accused of killing Austin. You all need to stop these accusations! Austin died in a tragic accident. No one killed Austin. IT WAS AN ACCIDENT! While I feel very sorry for the Duran family, and understand their hurt, and their wanting to be with Austin, and see him again, and hug him, they know that they can't do that, at least, in this lifetime. It is so hurtful and sad. I get it. Anyone who has lost a loved one understands. Life is painful, and while you will never get over Austin, it takes a long time to start healing. A long, long, time and the darkness you feel in your hearts will begin to lighten one day, even though you don't believe that is possible. I pray for your family, and wish for your hearts to be healed. I pray for a miracle. Again, I am so sorry. We know you all loved Austin so very much.

From: City Council backs a consultant for the Apopka Fire Department, but is that enough?

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