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I read the comments that people post about the mayor, or things in general about the city. It is indicated that one returned survey about the city's visioning conducted by the UCF students stated:. 5. To finish the city center or bulldoze it. Um....what would you be referring to, when you say to bulldoze it? Bulldoze what??? Also, one comment stated, we need our own version of Jan. 6. That was not in the survey, but elsewhere. My thoughts were go ahead, go for it, if you want, and be sure to wear those horns on your head, and the furry animal skin too, like that one guy at the Capitol, so I can watch as the police chief puts you all in the squad cars and takes you all over to the Orange County Jail where you can mingle with Moses in there.

From: Workshop cancellation puts Apopka Fire Department one step closer to the abyss

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