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I have now read a lot of different sections

of the final Gannon report about the Apopka fire department. I see both good, and bad in the report. As I said before, there is not anything in the report that cannot be fixed, or improved upon. Again, I am so very sorry for Austin's injury and his death. I respect the Duran family, and Austin's girlfriend too, but this city needs to stop with the fighting. So much is political, so don't try to tell me differently. I know that is a fact. Do what the report says needs done I don't see anywhere it calls for peoples' firings That is political. Quit listening to outsiders hell-bent on firing every employee possible. I definitely would get rid of that co-ed bunk beds in the fire stations ASAP! We taxpayers are not paying taxes to run a playhouse at the fire stations,

From: Workshop cancellation puts Apopka Fire Department one step closer to the abyss

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