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When it comes to news regarding the city administration, I only post on this website. Since Reggie has informed us here on the Apopka Voice, that he is not biased against anyone within the city administration, then I am unbiased too, just like Reggie, if that is the determining standard protocol, of course, LOL. I voted for Mayor Nelson both times. The first was because I had supported Mayor Kilsheimer, but he started crazy stuff like running off to the National Mayors Conference in Washington DC, and taking the commissioners and their spouses along too, if they wanted to go, flights, hotel costs, meals, etc. at taxpayers expense. He even upgraded his hotel room to a more expensive one, leaving the prior one empty, is what I heard. This was at the same time Trump had his inaugural, so Mayor K and his wife got to attend that too. He also had other trips, San Fran, and I think it was also Nashville too. You can ask Commissioner Velazquez, as she went along on those taxpayer trips. Also Mayor K flew back to Apopka, to attend a city council meeting, then flew back to DC, because he didn't trust the vice mayor to conduct the council meeting, while he was gone. Other things, like alleged deception with Artie V at the VFW, and alleged deception about the Highland Manor, and what was going to be done with the old home. The second time I voted for Nelson for mayor because I don't appreciate the way Becker conducts himself at the council meetings. His way or the highway, or he shows off, gets mad......if you think my support of the mayor is weird, well, too bad.

From: Mayor Nelson: For the sake of Apopka, it's urgent that you lead

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