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Reggie, your passion and depth in this editorial is spot on. We all may agree and disagree on many things, but one thing we all agree on is Apopka is so much better than this. For some reason accountability, and responsibility seem to be a four letter word to some and will do anything to push that away from them. Look at the word “Historically” that is used by the city when rebutting some of the facts in the Gannon Report. Why would one do that? My guess is to push accountability and responsibility towards another group, to lessen the impact on oneself. It’s almost like saying the incident with the sand trailer should be attributed to past employees who were not even employed that day. As usual, Reggie has brought the communities view and hope into a concise accurate article. We also know that one commentor, no matter what is found will support the mayor. Funny thing is I never see much support beyond her. Apopka Strong and Apopka Forward, Forever.

From: Mayor Nelson: For the sake of Apopka, it's urgent that you lead

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