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I am so very sorry Young Sheldon got a punch in the gut at the last city council meeting. I hope you are doing okay....LOL. What in the world is Nesta thinking? He needs to stay away from Sanford City Hall. He wants to serve dinner to the staff that stays over for the council meetings. What's next? Renting them an overnight suite at the Hilton Garden Inn, and furnishing them open bar? Nesta also wants a workshop before the city council meetings. He got this idea from Sanford. He is hell-bent on workshops. That was apparent during his campaign when workshops became the running joke. How is that going to workout, when they have CRA meetings before the council meetings sometimes and some budget meetings before the council meetings? I guess six hour city council meetings is just not enough time for you all to spend together.

From: Gannon's critical report on AFD finds its way into City Council meeting

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