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This all sounds great, but as an elder,disabled, low-income individual who has tried to get assistance for affordable housing in orange county, Orlando, Florida, for the past year, it just doesn't seem true at all. The HUD waiting list has been closed since approx.2007. Meaning you can't even get on a waiting list. Then if it ever opens, there's a 8-10 year wait, if then, for ALL programs. No one ever answers the phone or calls you back. I've tried all over to get help with no success. They raised my rent by $300. in the past 2 years and I can't afford to live where I'm at. I'm in a wheelchair and my husband is disabled too. Both of us are in our 50's and we bring in a TOTAL of $1593 a month. We can't get any help, anywhere. Why?

From: Orange County exceeds goal of housing the homeless

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