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Too many shootings! I am very sorry that this man's life was taken from him. The governor is only going to make things worse, when he signs the new gun laws, that he has planned to get passed very quickly, before he runs for POTUS. God help us all! Anybody, sane or not, can buy a gun and carry it around in public, with no permits, no instruction courses, and no background checks on the person buying the gun. The governor, by law, is suppose to to forfeit his current elected position of governor, before he runs for POTUS, but he has found a way around that law too.....he is going to get his lawmakers to change that law! This governor is very dangerous, and with his not allowing the teaching of black history in schools, and removing library books, is all too telling of what he is! Do the authorities know if this was a random shooting, or a planned targeted hit? May the Apopka resident RIP. I find all these shootings and killing so very sad and depressing.

From: South Apopka shooting victim identified by OCSO

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