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Asking good questions.....LOL.... I remember, as my memory serves me, that it was then, at that time, Orange County Commissioner Bryan Nelson, who helped and managed to get the blighted store gone, and then turned into an adult education center. I remember the store in the news, about the questionable people hanging around it, and their questionable activities, that were not wholesome for the neighborhood kids. People were concerned, and along with Bryan's intervention, the county bought the store owner's property, for a very substantial amount too. The owner then could take the monies, and go elsewhere, and start over, if she wanted to. It was a fair deal that Bryan helped put together, as many other government entities would of found a way to eminent domain, or either condemn the building. I think you were a school board member at that time, and later worked on the education center, as an Orange County Commissioner. Bryan gets that credit, for that. I sure wish, that you would get some guardrailings along the lakefront at Piedmont Wekiwa Road, out by the Hobby Lobby store plaza. It is soooo dangerous to have a deep waterway that close to the road, and no barriers. I pray no one drives off into that deep lake! A public safety concern, big time! Oh well, I do appreciate your effort to get the lady painting the mural at Thompson Road. Very nice.

From: City Council: Take the initiative to show South Apopka the benefits of being a part of Apopka

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