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I have been following the Annex South Apopka debate for some time now. After reading this article, and others, I am left asking the same question that I have asked since I started following this.


Who benefits? The City residents? South Apopka residents? Being a City resident, if my tax money is to be spent on this, I want to know why and how it benefits my community. This should not be difficult. A few simple 'laundry' lists such as, (1) Upside for City, (2) Upside for South, (3) down side for City, (4) down side for South, and finally based on these lists, (5) desires of City and South citizens.

Instead, thus far the most prominent justification I can find is "It's the right thing to do." 9 out of 10 times when a a politician says this, it is EXACTLY the opposite.

Mr. Smith said, "The City of Apopka has benefited greatly from the residents that live in South Apopka. Some of them are suffering financially, spiritually, and healthwise as a result of the contribution that they have made to the City of Apopka. It's the right thing to do." I'd like some evidence of this. I've lived in the City for over 20 years. How exactly has South Apopka benefited me? And news flash, people in the City are also "suffering financially, spiritually, and healthwise," these are typically personal matters. How do these things correlate?

To be honest, I'm not 'against' annexation. But so far I see little evidence to support such a thing, and I am seeing more BS attempting to do the same.

If we need 5 years to figure this out, we don't need to do it, because something else is going on. Let's cut to the chase and make a decision.

From: Commissioner Smith proposes five-year plan to annex South Apopka

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