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Kyle, show me where I said for you to apologize. I didn't expect you to apologize, because frankly, what has been said, is so over and done. I do hope Apopka citizens will watch the city's you tube channel to see the city council meetings. Be sure to watch some recent ones, from the past too. Weigh it for yourselves. I remember being at a city council meeting one time during Mayor Kilsheimer's tenure, and this lady from Washington St. came to visit the council meeting, for the very first time, and was appalled at the conduct of the council. She came back, spoke at the podium, lectured them, shamed them, and even wrote a letter to the Apopka Chief Newspaper bashing the council. I felt bad for her. Well, it sure ain't no better now, and yes, I have an opinion as to why!

From: Mayor Nelson: It's time to listen, and take action

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