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MamaMia (Ms. R.)...I am unapologetic in how I conduct myself during City Council meetings and in my daily life, clearly you are not a fan of how I approach my job as Commissioner, and that is fine. However, in case there are people who read your comments and actually take them at face value, I do not agree with your representations of me or how I have conducted myself. I encourage everyone that reads your comments to go to the City of Apopka's YouTube page and watch each meeting and judge for yourself. If anyone ever has a problem with how I am representing them on Council, I encourage you to reach out and communicate through proper channels, like my city email address at kbecker@apopka.net or I would be happy to meet with anyone at anytime for coffee or a lunch. I am an open book and will share my opinions on all matters.

From: Mayor Nelson: It's time to listen, and take action

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