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I finished listening to the Apopka City Council tonight, Dec. 21, even though it was a long one, and for Commissioner Becker, one who demands respect himself, he sure doesn't show respect to others, especially the mayor. He dominated the council with his rantings, referenced something the city was doing as "crap" and was a total smart-butt, know-it-all. Equally disrespectful was Commissioner Velasquez interrupting the mayor when he was giving the mayor's report, trying to speak about the press conference, and of course Becker had to jump in there, and interrupt too. If I was mayor, I would have gaveled both of your asses, and one more word, I would of informed ya'll that you were out of order, and I would have you both removed out of the council, right then and there. I saw camera guys filming, the tv crews, I suppose, so you all had to try to get your more than 15 minutes of fame. Shame on ya'll! It is getting beyond ridiculous!

From: Developing Story: A second AFD Safety Committee member resigns; Nelson calls 5pm press conference to respond

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