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I voted no on this one. While I didn't have a problem with the active veteran members of the armed forces receiving it, I did have a problem with the others, as DeSantis said he was giving firefighters $ 1,000 dollar checks, and he has been soooo worried about teachers, and has overly compensated them, IMO. These people in this group are not poor! If it passes, the rest of the taxpayers will shoulder the burden. DeSantis is attempting to buy votes here at election time. Also, I am sick of my cell phone getting bombed with political messages out of Seminole County. This is a daily thing. Telling me who to vote for, and who not to vote for. Yeah, tired of Jason B. especially! I don't even live in Seminole County, I live in Orange Co.

From: Ballot initiative: Homestead property tax exemptions for teachers, cops, others, but at what cost?

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