Decision Apopka 2018

Orange County Commissioner Bryan Nelson and Apopka City Commission Seat #1 candidate Suzanne Kidd won The Apopka Voice Reader’s Poll conducted over the weekend. 811 readers participated in the poll, which began on Friday, and ended at noon today.

Nelson defeated incumbent Mayor Joe Kilsheimer in the unscientific poll, claiming 454 votes (55.9%). Kilsheimer received 357 votes (44.1%).

The Apopka Voice Readers Poll Results:

Mayor of Apopka:

Bryan Nelson 454 (55.9%)

Joe Kilsheimer 357 (44.1%)

Apopka City Commission Seat #1:

Suzanne Kidd 270 (37.5%)

Gene Knight 194 (26.9%)

Alexander Smith 140 (19.4%)

Theresa Mott 116 (16.1%)

“We are so thankful for our supporters, contributors and petition signers who have worn t-shirts, displayed bumper stickers, and cast their ballots on The Apopka Voice,” Nelson said.

In the Apopka City Commission Seat #1 poll, Kidd received 270 votes (37.5%), followed by Gene Knight with 194 (26.9%), Alexander Smith with 140 votes (19.4%), and Theresa Mott with 116 (16.1%).

“Many thanks to everyone who took the time to vote for me in The Apopka Voice¬†poll,” Kidd said. “While it’s just a snapshot in time of the broad support our campaign has, it’s an indication that Apopka residents are paying close attention to the importance of this election.”


  1. Unscientific poll? That is the understatement of the year! More like FOUL play, outside interference, maybe even foreign hacking???…..I have been keeping up with the voting processes here in Florida, and our nation….. Fake news! Was the voting tally machine inspected, and certified? Were there poll watchers watching? I know, when I first attempted to vote on the online poll, without even clicking onto a candidate’s name, another candidate name’s bubble circle automatically filled in, and was ready to go, but I exited, and came back in and clicked on a different candidate’s name, and clicked on the vote bar. As a resident and citizen of this great City of Apopka, Florida, I demand a re-count! Your bean counter machine, Reggie, has lost its marbles, or in one case, its beans!… in, MALFUNCTION!

  2. We certainly don’t want certain candidates getting the ” bobble- headed, big head” thinking they got the election all wrapped up, based on an “unscientific poll”, now do we? Or other candidates, that didn’t come out on top, thinking that it is all over for them, based on an “unscientific poll”….now do we? It is not over until the fat lady sings, and she has not sung yet……


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