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By Charles Towne   

I wish you could have known her when she was well.

When we first met… even then she was showing signs of sickness… though all we were aware of was her loveliness, her great and intense beauty.

Beauty? You wonder.

I should say so!

Such a lovely lady. But then, slowly at first, after so much goodness, signs of an illness… a malignancy if you will… an internal rot began to appear, and it seemed as though it’s cruel intent was to devour her, soul and spirit.

There are always small-minded souls that seem to purposely set out to destroy that which they do not understand; individuals that are jealous of those that possess goodness, the potential for greatness, and yes, that beauty I spoke of earlier. And those qualities were hers in abundance.

From the very beginning of her illness, there were some that were blinded by their ignorance and greed, but they were always outnumbered by those that loved her, and were sworn to protect and care for her.

Over time, as her sickness became more pronounced, she was placed on life support with a “do not resuscitate” order in her file.

For those that knew her well, and recognized her incredible potential, those able to look beyond her illness, and see her potential for goodness as well as an extraordinary purity – that is all they saw.

It is not too late, she is still breathing… though each breath is labored… almost a death rattle… or so it seems.

But she is still alive, and there are those many, so very many, that pray for her complete  recovery.

There are those other few though, those unfaithful few, that gather like so many carrion eaters, waiting to strip the flesh from that which they have sworn to protect. And now that she is ill, they shake their fists at her, hoping for the worse as they declare, “Ah, at last, she has outlived her usefulness!” Instead of seeking a cure, they have declared her illness “terminal”, and that damnable “do not resuscitate order” is being flaunted as her dissenters declare death as the solution.


She is still breathing…

Still alive…

And there are those many, so very many, that love her yet.

May our God, in His infinite wisdom and mercy, protect and preserve her now. God bless America!

For those that wonder, I have written this article, not about my sweet wife who is in a nursing home suffering the ravages of Alzheimer’s disease, but as an allegory in response to the recent rioting in our cities, and the shameful invasion of our Capitol’s senate building. Every  citizen has cause to wonder, and ask, what is happening to our great country, and what can reasonable minds do to heal the wounds before it is too late?

Dear God, help us, for if there were ever a time when we needed your help and guidance, it is now. Give our leaders wisdom, that they may set aside any pettiness and make us, not as we were, but better than ever before. Let us walk not divided, but with singleness of mind and purpose.  In Jesus’ holy name we ask it, Amen

Charles Towne is first and foremost a Christian. An octogenarian, author, journalist, wildlife photographer, naturalist, caregiver, and survivor, his life has been and continues to be, a never-ending adventure filled with possibilities never imagined. He has adopted the philosophy that to Live fully, laugh uproariously, love passionately, and learn like there is no tomorrow, is a formula for a long and joy-filled life.


  1. At first I did think that this was about Nancy but the more I read the more I realized it was not. A sad but accurate commentary on the state of our beloved nation. God Bless America.

    • Mike, the son of Fadden, My friend, you are right! It seems like f0rce is the order of the day. Let God in h justice prevail, Chaz

  2. Good, thought provoking article…
    and so true! When I am just about ready to give up on what could be, what should be, I am reminded that GOD is in charge. He and only He has the final say. I have learned from experience that He is the God of the “11th hour and the 59th minute.” It is at that point, that no one can take credit except God. All glory to him!
    God bless the USA!

  3. I looked up biblical principles regarding nations. Yes, there are those within a nation that due to their greed, lust for power and lack of faith in the Creation story , will by their efforts and ignorance tear a nation down. The positive spin is that within each nation there will be those who represents a higher power, a power above and beyond just a group of people residing in a particular territory for there own selfish needs. They realize that they are pilgrims within the territory, pilgrims with bright lights, that radiates the Creation story and the beauty of God’s Redemptive power. They know that the living Papa God is the Greater light to those who choose to believe, and that he heals individuals who live in nations…Amen. One day, the Biblical record says, all Nations will come before Him to be judged in what they have done to themselves , to others and to the earth in which they were stewards. Those who have the Light of Love in their hearts, love borne of Faith… will be forever Healed, never more to know decay, want or loss…Praise God!!! Jim and MIgnon

  4. Jimmy and Mignon, praise God from whom all blessings flow! Thanks for the wisdom dear friends. Praise Him in all the earth! BLESS YOU AND YOURS. Chaz

  5. Another great article my friend. It made me think of the great difference between when I was a child and today! Then, the technology was much less sophisticated but I seem to remember people helping one another, feeling safe walking anywhere, even at night, talking to anyone about almost anything, I guess people seemed to care! Now it seems reversed! The technology is unbelievable but the average person seems to have taken a gigantic downgrade! They live in fear, unable to express a thought for fear of offending someone, they are greedy, thoughtless, robots seemingly incapable of original thought! This truly is an insidious disease because it seems so few even admit the disease exists! Now more than ever we need our faith and trust in Papa God! There are many who point to conditions today and use that as proof that Papa God does not care because he would not allow such conditions to exist but in reality it the opposite, conditions today show how well we do when we purposely ignore Papa God! Keep praying keep trusting in Papa God, His plans always work way better than ours! And keep writing these inspirational articles led Chuck!

  6. Richard, Your thoughts are well taken my dear friend and brother in Jesus. Dear God, please help us to be the people you intended. Help us to be drawn closer to you, and thus kind and considerate to and of each other. We seem to have forgotten what it means to care for one another. Heal the world and help each of us to remember that for that healing to take place it must began with me. We do love you father, we do love you. Amen

  7. Great article, great Charles … Not only in that analogy of the disease with the National Tragedy; but also with world decline and the pandemic of ‘Ignorance’. Let us pray for the World and for the United States of America !!! GOD Bless You Little Bro !!!

  8. Leo my friend, You nailed it right on the head when you called it a pandemic of ignorance! The solution to the world’s troubles lies in our prayers. May our God bless you always. Chaz

  9. “From the very beginning of her illness, there were some that were blinded by their ignorance and greed, but they were always outnumbered by those that loved her and were sworn to protect and care for her.” So true! Great analogy. Greed is Earth’s fatal flaw. There will eventually be a resolution, a compassionate one designed by our compassionate Creator.

  10. Judith Hankes. thank God for His gracious compassion ad love. There are many more for her than against her. What differentiates the two sides is love. Thank you O Holy God, aMEN


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