Already ahead of 2016 primary election

At 2:45 PM, over 20% of Orange County voters had cast a ballot in the 2018 primary election either by mail, early voting or by voting on Primary Election Day. That already outpaces 2016, which had a total of 18.14%

“It’s going well,” said Orange County Supervisor of Elections Bill Cowles. “We’ve obviously blown past all our numbers of 2014.”

In 2014, Orange County had a 16.1% turnout, which was the last gubernatorial election.

In Apopka precincts, lines are steady and no one has reported any issues that would hamper voters.

The polls close at 7 PM.

Stay with The Apopka Voice all day for updates and election results as soon as they are released by the Orange County Supervisor of Elections.


  1. The day we went to vote early at the VFW in Apopka, there was no big lines, no crowds, or anything like that. There was one man sitting at a chair, waiting after checking in, waiting to get his ballot, an older couple just ahead of us, and then us, and that was it, while we were there at the VFW.


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