Two familiar faces are returning to Apopka to fill what Mayor-Elect Bryan Nelson is describing as his executive team. On Thursday, Nelson announced that he was naming Edward Bass as Apopka City Administrator and Stacy VanCamp as his Executive Assistant.

 Mayor-Elect Bryan Nelson names former Apopka Finance Director Edward Bass as the new City Administrator.

“I am so excited to bring back these two very experienced public servants to Apopka,” Nelson said. “Together they make up the executive team for my administration.”

Bass is a native of Central Florida and a Certified Public Accountant. He began his career with the Florida Public Services Commission and was responsible for auditing regulated utility companies. He later served as the Finance Director of Apopka under Mayor John Land and earned meritorious recognition from a financial officers association for eight consecutive years before resigning in October of 2014. He is currently the Director of Resource Management for Seminole County where he manages the Budget, Purchasing, Risk Management, and Special Assessments.

VanCamp currently works with Nelson in the Orange County District 2 Office. She is a 1992 graduate of Apopka High School and served on the Apopka Area Chamber of Commerce staff before moving to the Florida Legislature for 16 years as Chief Legislative Assistant in the House and Senate under State Senator Andy Gardiner. Her last two years in the Legislature she was Policy Advisor for Gardiner.

Bass will succeed current Apopka City Administrator Glenn Irby who according to Nelson will stay on for 90 days to facilitate a smooth transition.

Current Apopka City Administrator Glenn Irby will stay on for 90 days to facilitate a smooth transition.

“We thank him (Irby) for his dedication to our city and we wish him all the best in his next endeavor,” said Nelson.

  Irby became the Apopka City Administrator in January of 2015, bringing three decades of local government experience with special interests in financial operations, community redevelopment, and personnel management.
 As City Administrator, Bass will head-up an organization of over 370 employees including police, fire, utilities, recreation, public services, community development and other departments. He will report to Nelson and the Apopka City Council.


  1. Mr. Bass is a nice guy. I don’t think I know Stacy VanCamp. though. Maybe I have seen her, possibly, not sure, but I am certain, I am not familiar with her name at all. I tell you, it is rough on government employees to be caught up in the winds of change of the political scene, no matter which side you are “so-called” on, and I say that they are on a certain “so-called” side, when in reality, most of the government employees are just trying to keep their jobs, and provide for their families, and don’t really care for the politics. It is what it is though…….

  2. Mr. Bass is a double win for the City of Apopka: a CPA and an EXPERIENCED ADMINISTRATOR. I do look forward to City Hall reflecting the POPULATION of Apopka; FISCAL INTEGRITY; RESPECT for our YOUTH PROGRAMS and SERVICES; and, REAL INPUT from CITIZENS.

  3. Now on completely different subject….let’s see if Reggie gets after me on here….lol….a restaurant we used to go to a lot, and that we haven’t been to in awhile, until yesterday, and I won’t reveal which one, had done away with its salad bar, my favorite! If that wasn’t disaster enough to me, the Christmas bow decorations, Christmas lights, and OMG, even a Halloween witch decoration was still up…. come on now, April Fools Day is over!……Also, another thing I am somewhat concerned with, is a door to door sales guy came around on our street yesterday, trying to convince people to get their windshields fixed, supposedly cracked. I don’t know about this company, or this guy. He wasn’t pushy or anything, but he was across the street at our neighbors, when we left to go to lunch, and was still on our street when we got back, much later……there used to be a very aggressive bunch working the Errol Winn-Dixie parking lot trying to talk people into windshield installations, and I had to get rough talking with them, when they got too pushy with me. I don’t know if this is the same company or not, or even if this guy going door to door, was who he said he was. I talked to him, on our porch, and told him no, but he was not pushy and left, but I just don’t know……

  4. What a great choice for Bryan Nelson to have selected Edward Bass as the new Apopka City Administrator! He’ll do a fine job with no detail untouched.

  5. I read where our current Apopka City Administrator, Glenn Irby, might get the job down in Sebastian, Fl. I wish Glen well, as I think he was a very valuable asset to Apopka, and I hope he gets the job there, that he is a finalist for. That is a beautiful area, there in Sebastian, Florida. Good luck to you, Glenn.


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