Decision Apopka 2018

Orange County Commissioner Bryan Nelson

By Reggie Connell/Managing Editor of The Apopka Voice

Apopka Mayor Joe Kilsheimer 

 Bryan Nelson, running for Mayor of Apopka against incumbent Joe Kilsheimer, extended his fundraising lead after a two-week campaign finance period (February 10th-23rd) was reported. 

Nelson, the Orange County Commissioner for District 2, led all candidates with 46 donors in this period giving him $17,025. This pushes his total contributions to

Alexander Smith 

$86,700, the most of any candidate. He also has $19,063.11remaining in his campaign account for the final seven days of the campaign, also the most of any candidate.

Suzanne Kidd 

Apopka Mayor Joe Kilsheimer raised $4,401.11 from eight donors, which gives him $69,886.11 in total contributions. Kilsheimer has $8,664.16 for the final week of the campaign.

In the Seat #1 race, Alexander Smith led all candidates, raising $2,324.80 from 20 donors, which gives him $17,547.62 in total contributions. He is left with $1,224.71 in his campaign coffers.

Theresa Mott 

Suzanne Kidd raised $1,550 from seven donors. She remained the Seat #1 leader in total contributions with $22,531 and has $7,982.24 on hand which far exceeds her Seat #1 opponents heading into the stretch run. 

Gene Knight, also a Seat #1 candidate, had five donors contribute $1,600 to bring his total to $4,747.73. Knight has $470.86 left in his campaign account.

Gene Knight 

Theresa Mott, also running for Seat #1, raised $100 from one donor, which brings her total campaign contributions up to $7,130. Mott has $4,960.47 left in her campaign account.

Alice Nolan 

In the Seat #2 race, challenger Alice Nolan led the way, raising $4,100 from 13 donors. She has $18,960 which also leads al Seat #1 candidates. Nolan has $2,940.41 left in her campaign account for the last week of the race.

Apopka City Commissioner Diane Velazquez 

Incumbent Commissioner (Seat #2) Diane Velazquez raised $2,760 from 11 donors during the period, bringing her total contributions up to $12,310. She has $4,605.31 for the final month of the campaign, which is the most of any Seat #2 candidate.

Leroy Bell 

Leroy Bell, also a Seat #2 challenger, raised $425 this period from five donors, which increases his total contributions to $6,555. Bell has $3,569.18 on hand for the stretch run.

Alicia Koutsoulieris 

Alicia Koutsoulieris, also running for Seat #2, raised no funds this period. She raised $868 in total contributions and has $155.01 in her campaign account.

Election day in Apopka is March 13th.


  1. I read the above campaign donation lists, and then I went to Spectrum 13 News, and scrolled down to Florida Decides and on to the candidate profiles in the Orange County races for the municipalities voting on March 13th….Apopka, Belle Isle, Ocoee, and WP….and then I clicked onto the candidate profiles to see their smiling faces, and it is now confirmed, by that source of news, that they are ALL SHADY candidates running in Apopka except Alice Nolan…..LOL See for yourself, and check it out….SHADY PEOPLE! LOL!!! Shady candidates in other cities too, ha ha…..the voters have to decide from these shady people running for elected office on this Spectrum News 13 website listing….(just having fun, of course, a joke…..)

    • Mama Mia – you are so right. The more I research the more I scratch my head. I’ve been in Apopka for over 20 years and I can’t decide if the new is even slightly better than the old gang. Boy do I have some stories about the old gang…

  2. To make it easier to find, go to the Spectrum News 13 website, then you will see on the left side of the screen the article about the Florida House passes a gun reform bill, then scroll on down to Orange County Elections on the left side of the screen, and then on down, and click on to the candidate profiles…..then you will see them.

  3. Why bother , the only ones worth voting for are Bryan Nelson, Alice Nolan, and Alexander Smith. There over and done with.

  4. James 1958, okay, if you say so, lol….however, my “problem” is I truly like several of the candidates on each seat, and I can only vote for one, for each seat, and to me that is a hard decision to make. I want my votes to count, and not be one of those ballots tossed out due to voting for more than one candidate on a seat, or voting for none of them….(why bother)….tossed out for being over votes, and under votes. Yes, why would someone actually do that, after going to the polls to vote? I know one lady did that, in front of me, at one voting poll, and the voting machine spit it out at the church on Welch Road, where my precinct was when I voted that year, that is how I know, because the poll worker told her in front of me, when the machine spit it out…..If anyone thinks Apopka city voters have it tough with so many candidates to choose from, then pity the poor Belle Isle voters who have to vote on 13 charter amendment questions, and Ocoee, that has 8 charter amendment questions. I am sure their voters are totally confused. And one of the questions is whether to vote in term limits of 2 terms served, and then they are OUT! You can see those city’s charter amendment questions there on Spectrum News 13 under the candidate profiles listing I spoke of in my above postings.


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