District honors 20,000th customer with free year of service

When Alvin Sims registered for service from the Lake Apopka Natural Gas District, he was surprised to learn that he had helped the District reach the historic 20,000th customer milestone. The District had another surprise in store for Mr. Sims on Wednesday, celebrating that milestone at his Clermont home and awarding him and his wife, Shauana Hughes-Sims, with a year of free service.

City of Clermont Mayor Gail Ash was in attendance and spoke to the importance of the 20,000th customer milestone for the District’s member cities.

“Natural gas has proven to be an invaluable resource, driving growth for the District’s member cities by attracting more homes and businesses to the area,” said Mayor Ash, who also serves on the Lake Apopka Natural Gas District’s Board of Directors.  “More than 4,500 of the District’s customers come from Clermont, and we are glad to continue providing reliable and safe natural gas to residents such as the Sims.”

Since its founding in 1959, Lake Apopka Natural Gas District has proudly provided reliable and cost-efficient natural gas to residents of its member cities of Clermont, Apopka and Winter Garden, as well as surrounding communities.

Lake Apopka Natural Gas District leadership were joined by City of Clermont Mayor Gail Ash to celebrate the District’s 20,000th customer milestone at the home of customer and Clermont resident Alvin Sims. Sims and his wife, Shauana Hughes-Sims will enjoy a year of free natural gas service from the District.

“As a locally controlled public gas system, the District provides reliable natural gas service, while maintaining close ties with the communities we serve,” said Samuel Davis Jr., general manager and CEO of the District.  “We are grateful for the continued leadership of our Board and to customers such as Alvin Sims for choosing and trusting in natural gas.”

In addition to being the cleanest burning fossil fuel, natural gas is available in abundance domestically and is more energy efficient than electricity, resulting in more savings for customers.

“I never worry about having hot water,” said Sims regarding his natural gas service.  “My wife and I have been quite happy with the District’s service since moving into our new home.”  Sims, who serves as fire marshal for Orange County Public Schools, is looking forward to enjoying a year of free natural gas service.

Lake Apopka Natural Gas District provides clean, efficient and economical natural gas service to more than 20,000 residential, commercial and industrial customers in Orange and Lake counties.  The District has been honored with the SOAR Silver Award by the American Public Gas Association for excellence in operations.  For more information on natural gas service for your home, business or vehicle, please contact the LANGD Marketing Team at (407) 656-2734 x307 or marketing@langd.org, or visit www.langd.org.

Photos courtesy of Lake Apopka Natural Gas District



  1. Where is Apopka Mayor Kilsheimer and Apopka Commissioner Diane Velasquez? How come they are not there, to celebrate the milestone of the gas company, and in the photo? They are on the LANGD board. That fellow is lucky to win the free service for a year for being the 20,000th customer. Congratulations to him. One thing I will say, is that Lake Apopka Natural Gas District has the nicest looking trucks running around town, with the graphics on the sides of the doors.


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