APD Chief McKinley and senior staff attend scenario-based training with Orange County Public Schools

From APD News

 In an effort to ensure the Apopka police department is prepared for a school-based emergency, Chief Michael McKinley attended a scenario-based exercise to practice the command of an emergency resulting in a multi-jurisdictional response. On July 31, 2018, Chief McKinley joined in the Orange County Public School’s district-wide table top exercise designed to simulate a response to a reported school shooting. The exercise was designed to practice and discuss command and coordination operations during an emergency scenario. McKinley, along with law enforcement members from OCPS, the Orange County Sheriff’s Office, Orlando PD, and others, as well as, school administrators, support staff, teachers, fire and EMS personnel, and emergency management professionals worked in coordination to resolve the situations presented. 

Chief McKinley (center) discusses with law enforcement executives and emergency management personnel the phases of response to a simulated school-based emergency. 

“This type of training and collaboration is invaluable,” Chief McKinley commented regarding the exercise, “and with the heightened awareness of school-based violence, it is important we engage all the stakeholders to ensure a successful outcome if we are presented with a major emergency.” The scenario focused on three phases of any event; the notification, the response, and the recovery. This fictional event covered the core competencies necessary within the phases, having the attendees practice operational communications, agency coordination, public information, mass care, and situational assessments. Lt. Chris Hanstein, Apopka Police’s SWAT commander, attended as well and discussed the tactical response necessary for such emergencies with the working group. 

Apopka will have all Orange County public schools within its jurisdiction assigned a School Resource Officer beginning August 13, when students return from summer break. This exercise, along with the dedication of officers to the schools are but a few of the commitments to this community to create a safe and livable environment for the citizens of Apopka. 


  1. It seems that they don’t even wait until they get into the new school season, to start the violence, as I was reading the news today, on the local channels, and there was a shooting at a park, in Titusville, at a back to school event, which was full of young kids there to get free back to school backpacks filled with school supplies, and a guy that had been in a fistfight left, came back, and there were shots fired into the park, and a private citizen with a gun, and weapon permit opened fire and shot the guy to keep the kids from getting killed. Also another back to school giveaway of school supplies, a gunman opened fire, at the event and chaos ensued. This one in Atlanta. Pretty horrible when kids face danger of getting shot, going to back to school give away events!


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