From Habitat for Humanity of Seminole County and Greater Apopka
Nearly 42% of Florida households spend more than half of their income on a place to live, often foregoing basic necessities like adequate food and health care to make ends meet. The stability that housing should bring continues to remain out of reach for many of our neighbors.
In response to that challenge, the global nonprofit housing leader Habitat for Humanity is launching its first-ever nationwide advocacy campaign in the United States. Through the Cost of Home campaign, Habitat will mobilize volunteers, community members and partners throughout the country to find the solutions and help create the policies that will allow 10 million individuals nationally to meet their most basic needs.

Habitat for Humanity of Seminole County & Greater Apopka is participating in the national Cost of Home campaign. Over the coming months, the affiliate will exercise local leadership in education and advocacy in an effort to raise awareness and find solutions to the affordable home crisis. Just as Habitat builds homes to meet the needs of the individual communities it serves, the Cost of Home campaign will advocate for policy solutions that match the unique challenges facing towns, cities and states across the nation.

The Cost of Home policy platform focuses attention on four core policy focus areas that are critical to solving the nation’s home affordability challenge: increasing the supply and preservation of affordable homes, equitably increasing access to credit, optimizing land use for affordable homes and ensuring access to and development of communities of opportunity.

The Cost of Home campaign is advised, endorsed and supported by several high-profile individuals and organizations, including a campaign cabinet co-chaired by Reckford and housing affordability champion J. Ronald Terwilliger. More details about the campaign can be found at


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