Democrat candidate for Governor spends time in Longwood

Gwen Graham

From the Gwen Graham Media Center

Gwen Graham spent Wednesday evening working alongside doctors and volunteers at Shepherd’s Hope, a free and charitable health clinic in Seminole County. She volunteered as a health care navigator to help patients determine if they were eligible for services and followed a patient through the entire medical process from intake to discharge.

 Graham is a Democrat running in the 2018 Florida Gubernatorial election. On the campaign and throughout her time in Congress, Gwen has followed in her father, Governor Bob Graham’s, footsteps with Graham Workdays, where she spends an entire shift working alongside Floridians. Her jobs have included work on farms, teaching in public schools, and even training with the United States Air Force in a T-38 jet.
“Working at Shepherd’s Hope was an eye-opening experience. I am heartbroken by how many Floridians depend on the clinic as a safety net for care, but inspired by the doctors and volunteers who give their time to help those in need. They provide care to people from all walks of life, from veterans to working families, and provide an invaluable service to our state,” Graham said.

Shepherd’s Hope is the largest free and charitable clinic in Florida. It serves uninsured patients with an income at or below 200% of the poverty level. Last year, the clinic saw more than 17,000 patients. The clinic operates completely on private donations and grants.

“Rick Scott and the Republican legislature’s failure to expand Medicaid has put even greater pressure on the state’s free and charitable clinics and literally cost Floridians their lives,” Graham said. “I don’t know how you could visit a clinic like Shepherd’s Hope and not want to expand coverage. As governor, I will help more Floridians receive care.”

“Too many Floridians are dying from preventable and predictable deaths and that’s a direct result of our state’s failure to expand Medicaid,” said Marni F. Stahlman, president, and CEO of Shepherd’s Hope. “I appreciate Gwen working a shift at Shepherd’s Hope to learn more about the service we provide and invite all our state’s elected officials and candidates to visit.”

In the clinic, Graham learned how simple changes to state law, like allowing telemedicine, could help the clinic serve more patients.

“The politicians in Tallahassee spend too much time with special interests and not enough time to listen to real people. Workdays are about forming relationships, listening to Floridians, and finding solutions to the challenges we face,” Graham said. “As governor, I will continue to listen to the people and I will take their ideas to the Capitol to move our state forward.”

This was Gwen’s sixth Workday since announcing her campaign for governor and second health care-related Workday. She strongly opposes repealing the Affordable Care Act and has led the fight against TrumpCare.


  1. I think Ms. Graham is right about Gov. Rick Scott’s failure to expand Medicaid, and the cost in terms of lives lost for the people of this state who needed help, and died, and for those who will need it in the future. She would be a great asset as governor of this state. To me, it is appalling that our current governor would refuse to expand Medicaid considering we all know what he pleaded the fifth for, as it is well known and has been shown on tv over and over again, and in the newspapers, him pleading the fifth….. He would rather dole out tax breaks to wealthy corporations, as corporate welfare, than to help Florida’s citizens truly in need, and worse, he is, as governor, is trying to influence Congress to go ahead and repeal Obama Care, but HE GETS GREAT HEALTHCARE HIMSELF paid for by Florida taxpayers! Ms. Graham, and her father both, have also fought hard to keep the water of Florida clean and healthy, unlike our current governor, Gov. Rick Scott.


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