Governor Ron DeSantis

From the State of Florida and other reports

The order, which goes into effect at 12:01 am April 3, tells people to stay at home and leave only for “essential services,” such as buying groceries, obtaining health care, and getting gas or using the bank.

“It’s really an order to individuals saying you can engage in essential services, essential activities, but other than that you need to stick close to home. We’re not necessarily saying anything to non-essential businesses. But under the order, you would not be able to go into some of these things and conduct business and be able to follow the order. The government cannot ham fist everyone into their bedroom. It’s just not practical.”image.pngDeSantis also said in his statement that some non-essential businesses might still be able to operate in some ways.

“There’s a whole bunch of opportunities where some of these non-essential businesses will still be able to do some things,” he said, adding that a business that makes things might be able to deliver orders.

This is a breaking news story and will be updated as more details are known.


  1. As I type, currently, there are 8 people with positive tests results for Covid-19 in Apopka. Apopka, meaning within the city, or the county, but with an Apopka address. How many people are positive for the corona virus and don’t know it, and have not been tested, and are going around everywhere, is the scary part! It sure is not looking good, when you look at those photos made in NY of refrigerated trucks with forklifts lifting and stacking the dead bodies in the trucks, and listening to the predictions of the possible numbers who could die in the weeks and months to come. It is very frightening!!!

  2. I read about people who are going through the suffering that this virus causes, and to me, it seems exactly like what I experienced back in Feb. of 2006, when both my mother, and I was sick, and my mother died! I survived, but was very sick when I flew on an airplane to my mother’s out of state funeral. I was 50 years old then, and I have never, ever been so sick in my entire life. I do not know how I managed to go to the funeral, but I was heavily drugged up with a super strong pain killer they prescribed for me at that out-of-state urgent care. It was soooo strong, the drugstore clerks just shook their heads, and that they didn’t have it, and they kept referring me on and on, until one drug store filled the prescription. Needless to say, my mother’s funeral seemed unreal to me, as I barely could be there, but was, as I had refused to go to the ER because I insisted on not missing my mother’s funeral.

  3. This Corona virus sounds so much just like what I experienced. It started with a very sore throat. Then the coughing started, and I mean I could not stop coughing. It was horrible, and hurt me in my chest so bad. Then I got freezing chills, could not get warm no matter how many blankets very piled on me, then came to opposite, the horrible sweats where my clothes was wringing wet, I had a 103 plus fever. I lost my desire for food altogether, and when my loved one tried to get me to eat, and I tried, I would get choked up, because I had shortness of breath and felt like I could not breathe! When my fever got that high, I sort lost my state of mind, and was confused, and at one point did not know where I was, and I looked sick too…..I could not push the vehicle door open, I could not push the door of a convenient store open. It was horrible.

  4. I went to the local urgent care in another state, had a chest x-ray, a shot in the butt, and an oxygen treatment that was so hard to complete because I was freezing cold, and could barely breathe, and it was hard to inhale, hold it, and exhale until the machine cycle was completed, and got that super strong pain killer. I had pneumonia plus eight fractured ribs, on each side from the extremely hard coughing, that I could not control. All I got to say is if the corona virus is anything similar to that what I had, or worse, I don’t want to have that! I don’t know if my pneumonia was viral or bacterial. I never learned what type.

  5. This latest Orange County map of the hot spots of Corona Virus is intense! Really looks bad according to the map!

  6. Seriously, God help us all! I believe it may be much worse than I thought, in the beginning, when it all started.


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