Halloween 2019

Is that a ghost or just your imagination? See for yourself

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With no city lights for miles, The Pillars Estate stands alone in the darkest of nights.

Inside, guests are greeted by dim candlelight, a windy staircase and a gentleman from Scotland.

Tony McMurtrie purchased the Civil War-era estate in Albion, NY when it was ready to be torn down. Restoring it to its former glory over the past decade, he’s carefully curated every detail — from the grandfather clocks to the silver.

“I don’t know where it comes from,” he explains. “I just like that time and that era.”

His love of antiques and a refined way of life hasn’t gone unnoticed. Cora Goyette moved to Albion from England and bonded with McMurtrie over their shared appreciation of European culture.

Today, she takes care of the 13,286-square-foot house as if it were her own, hosting tea parties and events in the grand ballroom.

But unlike McMurtrie, Goyette won’t stay at The Pillars alone. In fact, most of McMurtrie’s friends refuse to spend the night.

“A spirit really is within the house,” Goyette says without blinking an eye. “It’s quite serious.”

Some believe he’s unlocked a haunted past, while others remain skeptical.

Video and photos by Awen Films.


  1. It sure looks haunted. You couldn’t pay me enough to stay there overnight. My grandparents used to have a piano that played by itself, at their old farmhouse, but it actually was a self-player, and wasn’t the haunted kind. I got to thinking about that self-player piano, the other day, from my days and nights spent down at my grandparents home, and was wondering whatever happened to it, and who ended up with it. I hadn’t even thought about that self- playing piano since my grandparents moved from their farm site, and sold their property. All those years and years that have gone by, and all of a sudden that self-player piano was vividly in my mind….strange.


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